Choosing Wisdom Amid Covid

If we are not able to see Covid as a source of growth, we would be experiencing unnecessary suffering.

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The alternative is despair in contrast to wisdom.

To choose wisdom amid the trauma of Covid leads one to construct the meaning of his life.

For me, when the lockdowns came, it started by acknowledging first my diminishments.

My losses of income, disappearance of clients, limits in my physical movements, social restrictions, existential angst and anxiety, among others.

My gift of wisdom and integrity happened in the course of my writing a new book while in lockdown.

That’s when and where I constructed a meaning of life. The gift and meaning lies deep within the trauma of the Coronavirus experience.

In the main, it’s acceptance of one’s own and only life cycle. And that one’s life is one’s own responsibility.

In choosing wisdom and integrity, nothing - even death itself - can steal from us the joy of being hopeful, faithful, and wiser.