Richard suffered severe financial losses during the Covid lockdowns. 

He lost clients. He lost lots of money to a couple of scammers online. 

Now, he’s deep in credit card debts, at the brink of emptying his savings and no longer able to provide for his family.

Richard went depressed. Very. He almost figured in a car accident due to feelings of helplessness.

Until ... he thought of calling his therapist whom he had been seeing years ago.

In his online session via Google Meet, he was given psychological and spiritual first aid.

He’s encouraged to focus more on spiritual lessons he has learned about being less materialistic.

To count on his blessings, such as having a loving supportive wife, and children who come alongside and close to him. 

To appreciate what he has, like a house, a group of faithful and loyal friends, and business contacts who can help him recover financially.

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This is called “dereflection,” a psychological technique used in Logo or existential therapy.

The mental exercise puts things in better perspective as one goes through resolving practical challenges, such as financial difficulties.

It helps you to be less absorbed with your own problems, and to enjoy more meaningful and positive experiences in life.