Enemy of the Home

What a strange busy creature man is!

Man is the only animal that runs faster than he needs to. The result? Mental and relationship health breakdowns!

A client, William, is a man who must travel 1 to 2 hours each day to his office in traffic-laden City.

Spending 10 hours there, with extra hours for customer calls even on weekends, he always finds himself in the short end of the clock.

His wife and children feel neglected and deprioritized. The time he should be spending with them are taken away by his compulsive work-busyness.

Eventually, the too-busy termite catches up on William one day. His wife and kids flew to another country to be with another man his wife is having an affair with.

Psychologically, emotionally, and relationally, it’s a matter of priorities. 

It’s not so much how William spends all his time. It’s rather how he chooses to spend that time which he can afford to invest in his wife and children.

Being too busy is an enemy to marriage and family. Many a spouse or parent is caught in this trap.

It creates unnecessary suffering - broken relationships, procrastination, depression, frayed nerves, irritability, impatience, anger etc

Don’t let the too-busy termite remain in your home. Get rid of it ... or else!

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