A few hours ago, I was speaking to an 82 year old Dad and his young adult son.

They got sick of Covid just several weeks ago. Both of them, almost simultaneously.

On top of that, many in their family recently died in succession from varied diseases.

By their deep faith coupled with medical treatment, the father and son survived Covid and became well.

To them, the experience of diminishment from Covid was a  “gift of God.”  

It deepened their appreciation of life. 

To breathe, to have moments with family, or awaken for an hour was no longer taken for granted.

It enriched their mental, emotional, and spiritual well being by finding wisdom in the diminishment. 

It brought them closer to God than in any other way they’ve gone through.

They received psychotherapy from God.

Indeed, it was a time of thanksgiving! 

Both father and son overcame Covid by His grace.

Yes, gracias!

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