Handling Financial Difficulties

Financial problems often create mental health problems since time immemorial.

Much of family frictions, strife and broken relationships, are caused, directly or indirectly, by money issues.

Whether rich or poor, no one is immune. Anyone may mistakenly or intentionally mishandles or be beset by problems related to money.

During this crisis of Covid, multitudes face financial troubles.

A growing number suffer due to uncontrollable or impulse-based credit buying.

Riza is one of them. Her debts ballooned to too high a level which cause her many sleepless nights.

Eventually, she becomes too sick and depressed. 

Such aggravates her marital and family stress which led to suicidal attempts.

Some other chief causes of financial problems are:

... wrong attitudes toward money
... living beyond one’s income
... self indulgent living
... the fallacy that accumulating material things leads to contentment and happiness
... lack of budget

Look upon your financial difficulties as basically a psychological and spiritual problem. You must not look at it just from a material standpoint.

Bring your finances and your life in line with sound psychological, spiritual, and financial principles. 

From there, you make whatever adjustments or sacrifices that may be necessary.

Your future and that of your family depends upon your resultant decisive steps and actions.

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