Money Management Amid Covid

One financial expert said, “9 out of every 10 people with their income are financial failures.” 

He explained that they fail to manage their money wisely.

On top of that, it’s further crunch time nowadays, financially, because of Covid.

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Covid happens to be around causing sudden bankruptcy and huge income losses among individuals and families.

Robert over-extended himself during the Covid lockdowns - balooning bank loans, bad credit card debts.

He also made a bad mistake in investments. 

A man who advertised himself as a big time businessman attracted him with his smart appearance and promises.

The businessman offered to give him 300% return and above for any amount of investment. Robert poured in almost half a million pesos!

Sooner than he expected, the man disappeared. He left town. 

But lately, Robert found out in the news that he got hunted down by the military and has been put into prison since then.

That was it. At a time like Covid, a crook ripped Robert off of his hard earned savings for his family. The whole deal was a fraud.

Covid or not, one good can come out of our money mistakes. We can learn the value of being wise stewards and managers of our money.

We can discover (the hard way) that unless we deal wisely with our finances, we will pay a terrible price.

Not just financially, but also psychologically, emotionally, relationally, physically, and spiritually,