Do You Get In Your Way?

People get in their way.

I identify with this experience. It’s something I constantly see in my clients as well as countless others, even in my own life.

Let’s call it “internal resistance.”

Psychotherapy is a hero’s journey. It’s not easy. 

It’s like sport. There is an outer game and there is an inner game to win before you become champion.

It takes courage and will to embrace the destination and challenges that crop up along the way.

The outer game is strategy and tactics, such as going to a therapist, attending sessions faithfully, doing homework or exercises, learning to shift lifestyle or thought patterns etc.

Many people believe that the hard part is the outer game or the external obstacles/mechanics of the game.

The truth is that most things that prevent winning or getting well and way ahead are from inside us, not from outside of us.

The inner game involves overcoming internal obstacles that debilitate. 

Typically, they include self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions to the forefront such as: fear of failure, low self esteem or confidence, shame, guilt, rejection, false values or priorities, unresolved childhood wounds etc

The right mindset happens in the inner game so you can be willing to step up and take the necessary actions.

In order to succeed in any life endeavor, you must master your inner game and be willing to embrace and play the outer game.


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