People normally ask about “fees” for psychotherapy, counseling, or life coaching.

It varies widely. Depending on need of client, level of severity of presenting problem, or a professional’s qualifications.

But whatever the “fees,” can you put a price tag on the healing, wholeness, or balance of your life? Can you put a price tag on love and health?

What’s the price of saving your marriage or relationship? 

What’s the price of saving your child from addiction or delinquency? 

What’s the price of building your physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual well being?

The reality is, these needs or realities of our lives fall into the “priceless” category.

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That’s the big word: priceless.

Now when your life is self sabotaging, out of control, or dying, you won’t really need all these talks about price to prove the value of therapy or coaching.

You won’t need to be convinced of the value of saving or growing your self and relationships, no matter the costs.

The “priceless” frame of reference in your life takes care of all of that.