Work and Mental Health

Work and employment play a major part in a person’s mental health.

You remove work, you affect a human’s sense of well being. 

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When Coronavirus hit, employment casualties skyrocketed to an all-time high.

In America alone, millions lost their jobs. Millions struggle emotionally, psychologically, physically, and relationally with huge job loss.

I’m reminded of a poor mother who’s a recipient of SAP. That’s the social amelioration program cash aid of the Philippine government.

In tears, she lamented to a TV reporter, “Nawalan kami  ng trabaho. Ngayon hihingi kami ng ayuda para may makain. Ganito na lang  ba kami, mababaliw na kami nito!” (We list our jobs. Now we’re asking for aid so we can eat. Will we always be this, we’re losing our minds!”)

Then, there are those who retain their jobs and remain in the workforce during this pandemic. Especially, in jobs related to essential services.

They too, who still have their jobs, struggle with mental health issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) promotes “workplace mental health.”

In its policy and service guidance package, the world body states, 

“The development and implementation of workplace mental health policy and program will benefit the health of the employees, increase productivity for the company, and will contribute to the well being of the community at large.”

Whether jobs are lost or retained this Coronavirus pandemic, the crisis evidences the importance of caring for our mental health, if we are to survive.

Work and mental health during Covid call for opening ourselves to discoveries that incite personal healing and growth.