Accept Problem, Own Solution

I make a mistake. Other people make mistakes. It’s all because we are all human.

We are not perfect. We are not all powerful. We cannot control the universe.

Two things we need to accept or we break down: imperfection and impermanence.

Few of us are in accord with these facts of life.

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Once, I had a financial catastrophe, among many. Almost half a million in my bank account was wasted away in a fraudulent scheme.

I made a bad investment decision. It left me suffering financially, big time.

Another mistake I made was, for a time, I got stuck in blaming rather than accepting what happened as part of my life.

Instead of acting and taking responsibility for a solution, I found my self unnecessarily extending my misery.

As soon as I was able to accept the problem and own the solution by acting as CEO over my financial recovery, I started feeling better about my self.

I began living in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or dreaming of the future.

I mentally, spiritually, and practically take charge instead of waiting for things to be done to me.

As writer Lydia Child puts it,

“Misfortune is never mournful to the soul that accepts it; for such always do see that every cloud is an Angel’s face.”

Yes, good can come out of the worst personal catastrophes, if we make the right choice: accept problem, own solution.