Listening with a Third Ear

“I can’t understand my self. I love my husband. And I also hate him!,” remarked Mary, during a Skype session.

Isn’t that crazy?


Isn’t it that each one of us is like Mary, more or less.

There are aspects of our self - thoughts, feelings, or behaviors - that “oppose” each other.

Therapist Theodore Reik wrote in his book “Listening with the Third Ear” that we need not solve this “dividedness” in us.

According to him, it’s a given of the human condition that must be accepted.

Reik writes,

“Opposite tendencies can coexist in us, feelings contradicting each other live together, and what is true and what is false can be confused ... so much lives in us - wishes and their denials, faith and mistrust, appetites and distastes. They change places so frequently that what is fair becomes foul and what is foul, fair.”

Third Ear.

That’s what it takes to come to terms with the reality of human nature.