Take Advantage of Your Disadvantage!

Australian-born Nick Vujicik was born with no arms and no legs. A birth condition you’d not wish for any one.

Such disadvantage can be very costly. Not just psychologically and emotionally, relationally or occupationally. 

For most people, such kind of disadvantage is a serious barrier to living a full life in all other areas.

Not so, with Nick.

He has actually been living a full life now - for many years since his birth!

Married to a beautiful woman with four little kids. Globetrotting as a motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Nick’s story is definitely very inspiring. It defies all disadvantages or obstacles and brings hope.

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How about you? 

What is your disadvantage? 

Poverty? A broken family? A lack of connections? Physical ailment or disability? Huge debts? A traumatic past?

Whatever it is, you can turn what you lack into a creative asset.

Like Nick, you can turn your disadvantage into an advantage!