Talk to Yourself Better

Sharon lost a lot of money to scam investments during the Covid lockdowns. 

She fainted and had been severely depressed since the heavy losses.

Playing the odds in the game of life, she had to learn to talk to herself better so she can recover.

Sharon was in her movie. She had control over the scripts.

How do you talk to yourself better when you’re traumatized or in personal crisis?

It’s going to take self-compassion instead of self-criticism.

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Here are some on-the-spot words or scripts to help you talk to yourself better and start healing:

“This is a moment of pain.”

“Pain is a part of life.”

“May I be kind to myself.”

“May I give myself the compassion I need.”

“May I accept myself as I am.”

“May I forgive myself.”

“May I learn to accept what I cannot change.”

See what better self talk does for your mental health and the ability to do what needs to be done!