Young and Old Together

When she was 75, the anthropologist Margaret Mead, writes:

“The real issue is whether a society keeps its older people close to children and young people. If old people are separated from family life, there is real tragedy both for them and the young.”

Society is fragmented. In many aspects of life. 

That includes a seeming sustained divide between the young and old.

“Home for the aged,” for instance is one example of this cultural divide. 

Instead of keeping our elderly parents close to children, grandkids, and family, we send them to institutions with other elderly.

The youth also felt they have a “different world” than their parents or grandparents.

The truth is, the life of the youth can be better enriched and matured psychologically when mixed in to the company of wise, older people.

May we recognize a simple psychological and spiritual principle of mental health and wholeness in Dr. Mead’s statement on the “young and old together.”

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