A Birthday Letter to My Older Self

My dear Older Self, Angelo:

Someone is given another year this day. It happens to be you!

Praise the Lord a lot, for adding another December 6th in your life.

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Take your self with you as you get older.

Unforgettable. It’s 2020. A “gift” like no other.

Life begins at 40, we’re told. And your getting way beyond that age isn’t that bad!

For in your heart of hearts, you’re only 16!

This day, instantly picture many things in your mind ... collecting dust.

Touching certain pieces of your memory. Windows of the past.

You wouldn’t believe how much comes back when you’re 2020 locked in ... or have nothing much you can move!

Recall the stories. And the stories tell you where you’ve been ... who you’ve been.

It’s like watching your own movie. Because there had been many adventures. 

How quickly you can sense the years go by! 

And you feel you’ve lived a full life already. Somehow. Unexpectedly.

For you won’t run out of things to remember how faithful the Lord has been to you.

No matter how long you live.

See the seeds you’ve planted. Fragile, quiet presence.

Some flew away.  Your mistakes or neglect.

Only by God’s Grace that you are where you are at present.

Watch your plants. On its leaves and delicate flowers, place your inner awareness. Also your spirit. 

Your pain there, which turns out to be useful - but only later, much later.

And suddenly you find the courage to move forward.

The same wind which tries to throw you overboard now fills your sail.

And propels you to a peaceful, safe harbor.

What immense tenderness invades your heart!

This birthday, my dear Older Self, you’ve so much to thank the Lord for.

He birthed you to a world that is surprisingly beautiful. 

To see the fruits of His love ripen in your life. To grow older, older in His presence.

A real sweet side of you comes out through this. To the point where you actually get to love your self.

With the Lord, you found your real home. True. Forever.

Happy birth day, my Older Self!


Your Twin Older (hopefully, the cuter and wiser one!) Self