Heal Your Self and Family

How do you start healing your wounded self and broken family?

Stop pretending! 

To your self. And to others.

Virginia Satir, a well known family therapist, states that “full awareness” is critical to the healing process. 

She writes about the goal of healing:

“ ... to see freely and comment openly on what you see, to be able to hear freely and comment on what you hear, and to be able to touch freely and be able to comment openly on that experience - these comprise the restorative task.”

We’re not able to heal and restore when we’re pretending and hiding.

To heal, it is necessary to stop pretending and hiding.

“He’d slap and kick me, doc. And I’d cry and felt like dirt, I’d done something wrong,” said Marissa, recounting what she went through with her father.

Growing up with an abusive father misshaped Marissa’s senses. She has learned to mistrust her senses.

Her way of thinking and feeling was affected, denying what she knew to be true about her father.

How often we can look at something without truly seeing it!

Progressive emerging awareness will set Marissa free. Until full awareness stops the wounding cycle ... and the pretending.

It’s a very simple first step: pay attention.

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