Healing Through Writing

One of life’s greatest therapeutic tools is writing. People do heal through writing.

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Leandro, a victim of “authoritarian wound” in the family, writes for necessary relief and recovery.

My messenger and email inboxes are filled with his notes and rants!  He’s an articulate writer.

In his own life since childhood, he’s been deeply wounded by a prolonged contact with a “bully” father and mother and brother.

All of these “bully” family members had taken turns to abuse him verbally, emotionally, and physically.

When he turned to be a working adult, he became a “bully” himself.

Leandro’s love life was full of broken relationships, unmet needs, enmeshed needs, and impossible expectations.

He turned to therapeutic writing when he broke up with a woman who cheated on him due to his “bullying.”

The pain he felt and experienced was transformed into art - his writing.

A main takeaway of Leandro’s writing is that it helped him make tremendous strides in self awareness and in healing what matters to him.