Heard of FOMO?

F.O.M.O. It means “fear of missing out.”

It’s a type of mental state, which a person with cell phone addiction experiences.

“It’s something I can’t control. I could not go a single day without my device. I check my iPhone almost every minute!” confessed a teenage high school student.

She’s not alone.

It’s actually pretty common nowadays - both for young and old. This unhealthy attachment to technology.

We already know this to be true.

Researchers discovered, for example, something frightening about Facebook addiction.

1 in 3 people felt worse after visiting Facebook and more dissatisfied with their lives.

Of course, not for everyone. Not everything with Facebook is negative.

Yet unwanted, dysfunctional mental states present themselves often on Facebook and other social media.

States, such as envy, jealousy, fear, loneliness, negative body image, lowered self esteem, depression etc

I’m reminded of two sisters who quarreled over who between them got the most number of birthday greetings on Facebook!

Unplug. Powering down. Times of disconnecting. 

We need this break to combat F.O.M.O. It allows us to remember how to be happy without all the screens.

Turning off the cell phone and learning how to live the true nature of life will make us wiser, more authentic.


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