How to Feel Alive

Approaching this year’s December 25 has not been easy for many people. 

Due to what’s happening around us and the world, many experience anxiety and sadness. Even depression.

This Christmas, we all want to “feel alive” despite Covid.

Each child, each youth, each adult longs for the old feelings of Christmas cheer.

Yet the reality of the pandemic beckons before us.

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As humans, we can still tap into our feelings of being alive no matter the limits or challenges.

In the words of C.S. Lewis, “feeling alive” points to feelings of “buoyancy, an alchemical quintessence, a shimmering aliveness that is both still and in motion.”

“Feeling alive” is not the same as having fun. Or, feeling fleetingly happy. 

It’s something bigger.

I call it a time when we are “in touch with our soul.” 

A time when we build a bridge between our human self and our Creator.

This particular joy and aliveness lasts for a lifetime. As well as beyond any human experience.