“In Need” or “Needy” Person?

This time of the Coronavirus, we’ve been seeing widespread “need.” Like no other time in history is what we experience now.

A couple from a European country, both heath caregivers working among Covid patients, are in need of emotional healing.

Their marriage is on the rocks. Seriously. The man already left home.

When the wife called me, she expressed deep need for healing - personally and maritally.

After I also spoke with the husband, he complained about his wife’s continuing verbal lashing out and physical violence.

He wanted to take action and repair. Yet his wife did not want to choose to stop doing destructive things to him.

A most important issue is not the brokenness of their relationship. It’s how each one of them is handling the disappointment.

Both husband and wife are experiencing “need.” But they differ in how it’s experienced and expressed.

One is “in need.” 

He is honest. He is willing to take action. He’s ready to regain perspective.

The other one is a “needy person.” 

She endlessly talks about her problems. But she’s not taking the necessary steps to resolve them.

Reconciling the difference between the two is key to our life recovery.

Which one are you?

A person “in need” or a “needy” person?

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