Mental Health of Covid Patients

Just a few weeks ago, I posted at my Facebook wall a prayer request for Covid patient, Ray Ann Fuentes,  and his wife.

Both are seriously sick of the virus with Ray Ann’s wife already intubated in the hospital.

Ray Ann shared his thoughts and feelings ...

“At 68 and 66, my wife and I are high risk for this virus. I really need the Lord to fight this battle for us because I don’t know if I have the strength to do so. I have been fighting battles left and right - not just mine but my family’s as well - and at this point I am tired ... Just being honest.”

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In a recent study, the researchers of Britain’s Oxford University found significant high risks of mental illness among Covid patients.

Depression, anxiety, and insomnia were among the most common mental conditions found in a record of more than 62,000 cases of Covid in the said study.

Dr. Paul Harrison, professor of psychiatry at Oxford, remarked:

“People have been worried that Covid 19 survivors will be at greater risk of mental health problems and our findings show this to be very likely ... Doctors and scientists around the world urgently need to investigate the causes and identify new treatments for mental illness after Covid 19.”

During all these pandemic months, I’ve also been rendering mental health help to Covid patients as well as their caregivers such as nurses and doctors.

It’s an emerging common belief now that a blend of spirituality and psychology leads to better health outcomes when dealing with a serious illness, such as Covid 19.