My Personal Christmas 2020 Musings

Christmas 2020 is different. 

I don’t know about you. But for me, it’s hard not to go out. It could kill me if I’m inside the house forever!

To go out there makes me feel I’m still part of the human race.

Like during Christmas, I like watching the colors and commotion of the season and people outdoors.

But with Covid, it’s crazy. How do we move around the way we used to?

I used to be a professor and pastor. Now kind of the same, just “transferred” to a different field.

I love what I do - the writing, the people I help heal, the books, the digital creativity thing.

My Christmas “gift” - 2 books birthed this year 2020:  One long, Overcoming Trauma. The other shorter, Emotional First Aid.

It’s a blessing that I can work from home. Sometimes I have a lot of work. Other times, I’m better relaxed or less busy.

No unnecessary stress or obligation each  day, each hour ... but it still gets me out into the world in some way. With people.

I still am able to participate in something meaningful and larger than my self ... despite mostly home.

That’s the way I want it!

This Christmas 2020, Covid and the fact that I can’t go out enough have served as a great clarifier.

The minimalism of the pandemic accelerates the process of stripping down ... which also usually occurs as we age.

To see life in even more newer ways.

It makes me want to be more clear about exactly who I am.

It gets me to be more direct in response to what life gives.

How easy for me to notice now!

The color of the leaves, clouds drifting across a blue sky, raindrops on the roof, a simple smile, the grasses where animals feed, happy and sad  love songs ...

I recognize expressions on the faces of my loved ones - my wife, my children - that I could not see before.

I take greater pleasure in the small joys of daily life.

My thoughts, clearer. My feelings, more stable. My judgment, more acute.

In short, I sense another new life sprouting within me this Christmas 2020, remembering my Savior’s birth.

I’m alive again! I feel like dancing! Will you dance with me?

Merry, merry Christmas to all!

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