Fail to plan is the same as planning to fail.

That’s advice I received yesterday from a digital marketing specialist. 

“Hindi tira ng tira! he said.

It’s pretty much similarly applicable to other aspects of our lives - be they marriage and family, starting a business, relationships, finances, and so on.

It’s holidays again.

Brenda, over the years, is used to heavy Christmas shopping. “Tira ng tira sa” credit card!

Nowadays, she’s deep in debts, having lost her job during the early months of the Covid lockdowns.

She can’t afford her usual Christmas shopping habit. 

Her shopping is like emotions. She has to control it rather than allow it to control her.

Plan, so she can be set free and live.

Brenda needs to plan a good tactic or system for working off her debts.

The bills won’t go away, they keep racking up interest. There’s no way around it.

But to PLAN. 

Plan her budget, her sources of cash infusion, her assets, her expenses and savings, all her little extras.

To plan is to prevent and avoid the unnecessary suffering of getting into the same kind of crisis again.

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