Sacrifice the Non-Essentials

Health - whether physical, psychological, emotional, relational, financial or anything - is a matter of building life-giving habits.

Say, for example, you may enjoy sitting down on the couch each evening smoking a pack of cigarettes. 

But now, with the onset of lung illness, things have become different for you.

If you wish to live, you will replace the old smoking habit with healthy activities and behaviors.

I get reminded of Lino. 

He had the habit of raging and having sudden outbursts even with the slightest provocation.

His wife got too tired. When she left the house, he realized how much he had been abusing and hurting her.

Lino had the bad emotional habit of unmanageable anger. 

In therapy, if he really wants his wife back, he has to commit letting go of his destructive non-essential habit in his marriage.

Before it gets too late.

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