Therapeutic Passion

Passion is therapeutic. You infuse it into your blood and you’ll have life!

I’m reminded when I was a teen. My passion was chess. My dreams and dailyness revolved around it. 

Each time in tournaments, especially when I win or fulfill my goal, I got all the more excited, active, and disciplined.

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Right now, one of my clients, Chris, is struggling a lot. He doesn’t have anything that fuels his passion.

“I don’t know what to do with my life. I just want to disappear into the forest!,” he said awhile ago during our online session.

Every session, I try to get him plugged into something that might excite him. 

And it’s a constant challenge to me.

The therapy question is,

“What can Chris do with his time that would be productive, fun, and exciting?”

I wish I have an instant answer for Chris.

But ultimately, it’s up to him to figure it out.

Like our children in the family who need guidance, Chris has a lot of wants and needs. 

Our job as a parent or therapist is to guide them to determine those wants and needs that should be left for them to tackle on their own.

And which of those wants and needs we need to do something about together.

A most freeing thing to realize is that it’s not always anyone’s job to solve problems.

Rather, say in my work as a therapist, it is to support a passionless person to arrive at the answer himself.