Thinking of Ending It All

Gilda, who works as a nurse, is tempted to end it all. Suicide. Disappear. Escape too much pain.

She wants to punish her mother and girlfriend who abandoned her. She can’t take it anymore.

Yet, Gilda has another part of her. Not just the part that wants to eliminate suffering by killing her self. Her other part wants to live.

Believe me, suicide is never the answer.

I urge you to choose the other part: move on with life. Face and resolve your suffering and pain.

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Everything in this life is permanently temporary, including your problems.

There are healthy or less destructive ways of easing the inner pain.

Don’t turn your anger on you. Externalize it. Exercise. Get passionate about a cause. Pound a pillow. Dream new dreams.

If suicide has become too tempting to you, you need help. Cry out for outside support. Call friends. See a therapist.

Do you think by committing suicide, you’re punishing the person/s who hurt you?

Nothing is farther from the truth.

If you really want to triumph over your suffering, pain, or loss, your best “revenge” is to be your best self. 

Your best life ever - healed, vibrant, and happier.