When Family Harms You

“I just can’t stay here with my family anymore, doc,” said Reese, 18.

“My mother is going crazy already, for she witnessed how my father tried to rape me,” she continued tearfully.

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Family is basic to our development. Since birth, it’s supposed to be our closest bond.

Unfortunately, family is often where we find our biggest emotional wounds or heartaches.

Lack of love and support. Physical violence. Verbal/emotional abuse. Sexual abuse. Financial mess. Abandonment. Addictions. Manipulation and deceit.

Yes, they do happen within a lot of families.

The exponential number of mental health breakdowns and crimes in our society alone can attest to this reality.

Much of your relationship with your self and others stem from your childhood. How family was experienced by you.

It’s bad enough to be maltreated. 

But when you’re hurt by a parent, sibling, or close family member, it can be especially hard to heal and overcome.

Difficult though it may be, you heal and take your power back by setting proper and clear boundaries. 

That’s how you can begin to move on.

Ask for help. Seek therapy or guidance. Though you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends.