Why Do You Sing the Same Sad Songs Over and Over Again?

We’re beginning to approach a new year. 

This 2020, we’ve lived with some deep loss. 

Hopefully, the coming new year 2021 can be the beginning of healing and growth. 

Loss. Gain. Opposites, yes. 

Yet understand that in our human experience, opposites frequently converge.

Our losses are closely linked to our gains.

In some mysterious way, how often they’re inextricably linked.

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My work as a psychotherapist always brings me face to face with this truth and reality.

In my own life as well as in the lives of people I help heal, how common it is to repeat losses or patterns established in childhood.

Broken people often sing the same sad songs again and again.

While that’s true, it’s also equally true that deep insight  at any age can free us from repeating the same wound.

Loss can be reversed. It can be gain, as we learn to reframe our inner responses to the outer events of our lives.

We lose, we leave, we let go. We cannot gain without doing at least some of that.

At times, there is plenty to give up or lose in order to grow and gain.