Why Were We Born When It’s Not Forever?

Flor, 57, is gone. Yesterday. Deadly cancer. In the hospital. 

She’s the aunt closest to my youngest daughter Angel, now 18.

Flor helped take care of Angel when she was still very little.

Just as Flor’s death and my Dad’s death and my first wife’s death in the past remind me of life’s brevity ... 

... what I want is to know more deeply how not to fear death.

To go on with life. Stay grounded.

Even if I know I’d still die too ... someday.

As Ecclesiastes tells us, there is a “time to be born, and a time to die.”

Earth-wise, we may ask, “Why were we born if it wasn’t forever?”

Years ago, while cooking in the house and tagging Angel with her, I noticed something.

Flor had a Bible by her side. She just read and prayed.

She loved life. Flor knew she’s forever.

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