Are You Rational?

Dr. Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Therapy, believed that people would be happier if they’re more rational and logical in their thinking.

An aftermath of the recent violence and attack of Capitol Hill in the United States demonstrates this truth.

One of the many protesters in that event was arrested and he said, “It’s the most irrational thing I’ve ever done in my life. I did have a breakdown there.”

Dr. Ellis speaks of wrong or dysfunctional“beliefs” that fuel irrationality.

Here are some of them that he cited:

* all problems have good solutions
* one’s life is determined by one’s past and it is impossible to do anything to change it
* it is easier to avoid than to face life’s difficulties 
* it is not possible to control one’s feelings when bad things happen 

Dr. Ellis brand of psychotherapy may not for everyone. But it works in many people with a variety of neurotic impairments.