Listen to Yourself

A therapeutic tool is to be able to learn to listen to yourself. Usually, it involves hearing from your instinct.

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One time, I was speaking to a book editor. In my first message, I laid out clearly my specific concerns.

He wrote back and for some reason, he missed addressing the very concerns I gave in my letter.

Though he apologized, I tossed back and forth whether he’s the right book editor for me.

I went through listening to myself. Something within was telling me that he wasn’t the right one.

I eventually messaged the editor and cancelled our arrangement.

He’s understandably upset. But I’m sure it was the right thing I did.

In the choices we make in our life, be it the choice of a career or a spouse, for example, we need to pause and listen to our self.

What reasons, excuses, fears, anxieties, or feelings occur to you in response to what your instinct tells you?

What disadvantages could result from not listening to your self?

At times, trusting your instinct keeps you out of unnecessary trouble or suffering.