Abandonment Trauma

Abandonment is a time of trauma. By that, one has experienced feelings of prolonged deprivation.

Susan Anderson, author of “The Journey from Abandonment to Healing,” cites several sources or causes of abandonment, such as:

#  injustices within the sibling pecking order

#  chaos and conflict in family structure 

#  emotional messages that left you in a double bind situation where you couldn’t win, no matter how you played it

#  rejection or exclusion from a peer group

#  prolonged childhood injury or illness

#  traumatic adolescent heartbreaks 

#  significant disappointments (working hard toward something and failing to get the reward)

When a person is prone to addictions or panic attacks, for instance, there is usually an underlying unresolved trauma.

That’s Claire.

She’s a PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) victim of prolonged exposure to her father’s physical, sexual, financial, and verbal abuses, since childhood.

Without an understanding of what causes her intense anxiety and crying spells, Claire self medicates with drugs and homosexual attachments.

Claire thought it’s cure to her intense emotions. 

Support is needed that she may see and cope with the deeper psychological nature and roots of her crisis.

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