The Whisper of Gray Hair


My two facial photos. 

Taken almost on the same month, just several weeks ago from last year.

One, with gray hair. The other, with dyed hair.

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Well, today, gray hair is seen even in children or young people below 30.

But mine? It’s just about aging. A fact of life.

I love aging. Including the gray hair. It’s just hair. I dye it at times - for artistic purposes!

Still something about my gray hair is sticking to me.

Problem solved outwardly, when I dye to look younger. 

But there are things much more essential inwardly.

These, my gray hair would whisper to my ears.

It whispers that I prioritize and prune my own life. 

It whispers that gray hair is beautiful. 

Its beauty lies in being still, detecting illusion, and catching true significance.

It whispers about wisdom. In knowing who I really am. 

About waiting, and moderating one’s self, in not being a slave to other people’s approval.

It whispers about being present in the Presence in the landscape of life over long years ... 

... whether it’s the fresh sounds of laughter or the curves of a well-worn soul, body, and mind.

How about your gray hair, if any? What is it whispering to you?