My wife rides a bicycle. In the morning, it’s one of her favorite exercises.

It’s a TRUST issue - nothing more, nothing less.

Pedaling the wheels off, placing her feet on the pedals, and flying that bike down the street. 

These are matters of trust for my wife as she rides her morning bicycle.

Trust is rather earned, not demanded.

No parental or spousal demand, no textbook, no legislation or policy could achieve that mission.

Have you ever felt that you know all the facts about a person, but you still struggle to trust him or her?

That’s because trust is based on truth. Respect. Dependability. Integrity.

The right information and action are basic for these elements of trust to come out.

But above all else, we need a right relationship with a person for trust to grow and bloom.

I have learned this about psychopathology: there’s a severe loss of trust in the person.

Trust towards himself. Trust towards others.

The secret to experiencing emotional healing and wholeness is starting a trust journey.

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