Writing as Therapy

Are you a writer? 

If you are, your writing is therapy to you. Regardless of any material gain, you write.

Because you are a writer.

We live in a world where it’s craziness to do something for its own sake. 

As a culture, we always want cash in the basket to prove genuineness.

So to many, writing for writing’s sake is foreign. 

The reality is, the act of writing is self possession on its primal level. It cleanses.

In psychotherapy, writing is one of those creative healing modalities.

According to Therapedia, 

“Writing therapy is a therapeutic modality in which patients do just that - achieve emotional catharsis by allowing their feelings to flow freely from pen to paper.”

How I’ve across a number of these writer patients in my work doing writing for its own sake!

My heartbroken online therapy patient, Dale, does just that. Every time he breaks up with his girlfriend, he writes me novels!

I’m reminded of well known writers such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Virginia Woolf.

They all led tortured private lives!

You could imagine what could had happened to them without the therapy of writing in their lives.

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