Let the Emotions Happen

Are your emotions flowing?

Let the emotions happen. It’s normal.

At the same time, remember too, whenever you feel intense emotions, that they do not last forever. And they should not.

Say you’re grieving. Due to some loss, such as a loved one, work, amounts of cash.

Grief is characterized by several or multiple stages. It’s just but normal that strong emotions happen in the process.

let the emotions happen, learn to face and not avoid feelings

It’s always best therapeutically to allow the emotions to happen.

In my psychotherapy sessions, I experience a lot of intense emotions from grieving or traumatized clients.

A lot of them try to avoid feeling those emotions. They’re painful,

Yet as they move along and learn not to avoid but let the emotions flow when they come, they discover something.

The emotions they allowed to happen started to lose their power and intensity.

Emotions usually originate from thoughts.

If you’re constantly thinking about what happened and focusing on the negative, you’ll always feel bad.

Letting the emotions happen also entail learning to switch your thoughts as those emotions flow.

Switch your thoughts to things you can control. Switch your negative emotions into purposive action.