Self Induced Stress

Stress is part of life.

A lot of it are external, such as relationships, work, money, environment, or society.

A lot of it is internal too. 

Examples of self induced internal stress include, among others:

* feelings of perfectionism 

* overthinking or excessive rumination

* deep needs for people’s approval 

* self doubts

* physical exhaustion 

* unhealthy lifestyle 

* emotional depletion 

* excessive responsibility 

A pattern of distress is always a manifestation of either or both external and internal sources of stress.

Psychological or behavioral symptoms arising from stress take the form of boredom, isolation, frustration, irritability, procrastination, substance abuse, lowered productivity, or depression.

Physical symptoms of stress include sleep disruption, appetite gain or loss, headaches, respiratory problems , or muscular tension.



self induced stress, psychological and physical symptoms of stress