Stress Has Costs

Stress has costs. You ignore the costs, you put your health at risk.

Here are some of these costs (“consequences”):

PHYSICAL COSTS - tiredness and exhaustion; high blood pressure that leads to heart attack; increased vulnerability to illness; compromised immune system; a link between  cancer and stress

PSYCHOLOGICAL COSTS - sleep difficulties or insomnia; anxiety; depression; impaired perception; sexual difficulties 

SOCIAL COSTS - relationship breakdowns; weakened social attachments; lower job productivity; loss of self confidence 

I’m reminded of a client, Melissa. Her heart was always pounding during work.

One time, she went to the hospital to find out if she’s having a cardiovascular disease.

The doctor read her tests and gave her a clean bill of physical health.

Never just accept it’s “physical.” Don’t ignore the deeper roots, which are often non-physical.

Look for stress-related triggers that you’re not able to manage enough in your life - psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

stress has costs

In sum:

Do not ignore stress in your daily living. Face and cope with them in healthy ways. 

Otherwise, the costs include physical, psychological, and social consequences that can all be life-damaging.