ADHD, Anyone?

When you have persistent inattention, or by hyperactivity or impulsivity, for at least 6 months, the DSM (a psychiatric guide) calls it ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

INATTENTION  includes: carelessness and inattention to detail, cannot sustain attention or listening, does not follow through on instructions and tasks, forgetful, severely distracted by extraneous stimuli etc

HYPERACTIVITY/IMPULSIVITY includes:  fidgeting, moving feet, squirming, driven by motor, on the go, difficulty playing quietly, hyper activities, leaves seat before being excused, runs about or climbs excessively, excessive talking, speaks before thinking, blurts out answers, interrupts or intrudes 

What caused ADHD?

Studies showed or theorized possible causes, such as:

• stressful home environments 

• genetics 

• biochemical deficits 

• neurochemical brain deficits 

• exposures to smoking and alcohol

• exposure to lead, dyes, and food additives 

• psychological and emotional causes 

Once I was on news TV. The anchor host asked about where the ADHD may be coming from.

I said, “If we rule out any medical causation, then the roots obviously appear to be non-medical, which means psychological, emotional, and even spiritual.”