Tips When Anxious

Are you experiencing anxieties that you have difficulty dealing with given today’s circumstances?

At a time like this where we all go through the varied stresses of the pandemic, adequate preventive self care is essential.

Covid causes PTSD. That’s what the latest WEBMD  post has featured recently. 

Another reason, a medical reminder, for us to know how to better manage our thoughts during this time.

Here are some things you can do to accomplish that. 

Practice them to effectively deal with your momentary thoughts of anxieties/fears. They can enable you to take constructive action as a result.

*  Breathe deeply. Say a prayer.

*  Notice things happening in your body and surroundings without judgment.

*  Don’t feel afraid of feelings of anxiety when they come. They’re normal and natural.

*  Talk to and remind yourself that the anxiety is temporary.

*  Take walks each day. Exercise. Eat and sleep well.

*  Be thankful and focused on the good and positive that you have.

*  Believe that you have or can have the knowledge and skills to hurdle any crisis.

*  Connect with people or things and involve yourself to help others.

*  Do things to give meaning to your days and make you feel better.

*. Read books. Read up on any concern to help you filter and frame your anxieties in a healthy way.

*  Do the best that you can on things you can do and leave the rest to God. Nurture an eternal perspective.

*  Seek professional help, such as with a psychotherapist or counselor, when you still feel overwhelmed and can’t function enough.