Understanding Delusions

“I’m Jose Rizal. I’m also Hitler!,” said an old man confined for years in the local mental hospital. 

Delusions are a typical symptom of psychopathology, such as in schizophrenia etc.

Delusions are things falsely believed in the mind.

Here are common delusions:

1. Delusion of grandeur 

— a person exaggerates or has an unrealistic sense of his importance, power, identity 

2. Delusion of Persecution

— false belief that others are out to harm or persecute in some way, such as suspecting one is being watched or offered poisonous food

3. Delusion of Reference 

— everything in the surroundings are related to the person 

4. Somatic Delusion 

— an unrealistic belief about the body 

4. Control Delusion

— someone or something is controlling the person 

A quote from Ryan Holiday says,

“What I’ve found ... is that realism and self-honesty are the antidote to ego, hubris, and delusion.”