Taking Stock of a Bad Relationship

Is your relationship (marriage, romantic partner) characterized by lying, violence, and manipulation?

If it is, you’re likely wondering whether you can still move beyond the damage done. 

Should you stay or should you leave?

Reality is, the healing process goes slow and tentative even under the best circumstances. 

You need to be patient. Discouragement is natural along the way.

To take stock and help you decide whether to stay or leave a bad relationship, ask yourself:

• What’s in the relationship that’s still making me feel good?

• What are the things that still need to change?

• What gives me feelings of hope?

• What makes me feel discouraged?

• What am I worrying about?

• Has he stopped abusive, violent, toxic behaviors?

• Is he staying within financial responsibilities?

• Am I doing my part by using constructive communication instead of destructively triggering him?

• Can you realistically see a good future together?

• Are we both making use of outside resources to help us and our situation?

These questions provide you a framework to bring clarity to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

They also serve as signposts to help you make the right choices.