Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise is essential. Total wellness requires interaction of body, mind, and spirit.

As a psychotherapist, I do a lot of my work in a chair. Using my intellect and voice.

My mind remains active but my body can waste away if I neglect it.

My daily walks is one of the exercises I do to find relief and sustain my balance or health.

Exercise serves your life’s needs.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Kottler, the benefits of exercise are many and varied, such as:

• to prolong life

• to increase self discipline 

• to serve as a self medication for stress

• to improve esteem and confidence 

• to make one’s more attractive 

• for body cathexis

• to sleep better

• to control weight 

Dr. Kottler explains that for therapists like him, there are other reasons for exercise.

He writes:

“To engage in something nonverbal, to give oneself silent time in an enlightened state - time for processing the day, for calming down, for beginning or ending a day of confronting other people’s troubles.”