Healing Images Of The Past

It’s good for the mind, your mental health, to remember past successes or accomplishments.

For me, one of those positive memories was my college past.

Have you ever been to the halls and classrooms of that old building where Filipino national hero, Jose Rizal, walked and studied? 

I did almost daily, for four years, in that same old building.

Attending my psychology and sciences classes, heading a campus org, writing for UST Varsitarian, and captaining UST varsity team to national UAAP Chess Championship.

Those are pleasant memories of success when I was a college student in the university.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, founder of Psycho-Cybernetics, writes of the psychotherapeutic power of imagination.

He said that imagination implies inspiration, explaining:

“You must learn to use your imaging powers in worthwhile ways that will give your life new meaning ... when I get depressed, when I’m down on myself, when I need an emotional lift, sometimes I just close my eyes and use my imagination.”

Imagining or re-imagining your good successes or accomplishments in the past is one of those healing ways.

Dr. Maltz further explains,

“Remind yourself of your past successes and see them again. Close your eyes so you can concentrate to your fullest capacity, and visualize these past successes. Bring them into your mind, and live through them once again until this feeling of success - that you once knew, even for a few moments - lives again.”

When you see and use those past “throwback” images you’re proud of in times of stress or depression, they can bring you to life in your mind.

Photo: UST Growling Tigers