Knowing Your Grief

Have you lost a loved one to death?

Dr. Kubler-Ross, a noted grief counselor and therapist, identified 5 stages of grief:

1. Denial and isolation - a stage of inability to accept the reality or possibility of one’s death or that of a loved one

2. Anger - a realization of the finality of the self, may cause one to push family/friends away 

3. Bargaining - seeks one last hope or possibility like a pact with God for one last chance or event to take place before death

4. Depression - after time, loss, pain, person realizes things may not improve ... a prelude to reach acceptance 

5. Acceptance - not resignation or giving up but a stage that allows for peace and dignity

“I want to join her now,” said a husband who lost his wife to Covid recently.

His deep grief makes it hard for him to let go. His suicidal thoughts leave him in continuing limbo, missing his wife.

It can turn to complicated grief if left untreated.

Grief is normal. Without unnecessary complications. 

Distress usually resolves within 12 weeks though mourning can continue for 1 or more years.

If ever there are suicidal thoughts, they’re just transient or unusual in uncomplicated grief.

Know your grief.