Me And My Little Daughter

During the present Covid pandemic, we’re given opportunity to learn a lot of things.

Things that were important before don’t seem worth even thinking about now. 

One day at a time. That may describe where we are now. 
Given the serious losses and uncertainties of life in a world driven crazy by a vicious virus.

I’m reminded of my little daughter, Angel, when she was 4. Many years ago. At that time, I was going through the worst times of my life.

She’d hold my hands while strolling in the mall. And without missing a beat, exclaiming “Dad, let’s buy tokens, go play at Tom’s World!”

It didn’t matter whatever it was. She would have gone asking me to buy her a cone of ice cream or a piece of chocolate.

My Angel was present in the moment. She’d have fun.

And for me, her Dad, those were my “little things, little moments” with my little daughter. 

I’m glad I went for them with her! Amid my trauma and suffering!

I’m reminded of Dr. S.I. McMillen who once wrote,

“My attitude determines whether grief causes a disease in me or a glorious and everlasting reward.”

My little daughter helped me with a new perspective. Even while in grief and loss. It led to things looking different.

Things started to look different. Because I’d been changing inside. 

Those “little things, little moments” with her brought about unexpected shifts of internal change and completion. 

Since the inside was changing, I was able to look clearly. And, act more effectively at the outside or my circumstances.

I turned my back on self pity. And, I chose joy. It enriched not only my own life, but also my little daughter’s through me.

Completing my inner game changes things in my outer game.

“Circumstances and situations do color life, but you have been given the mind to choose what the color shall be.”
— John Miller (1722-1791)