Self Respect Is The Goal

You. You are responsible for you. You must build your good opinion of yourself. 

You cannot hold yourself accountable for the choices and actions of others. You must live your life.

Self respect is the goal. 

Trizzia acted differently. She didn’t plead with her boyfriend to return. She just acted kind and friendly.

And she let it go at that. Quite different from what she used to. She appeared like a new person. And her boyfriend took notice.

Trizzia had won a new sense of self respect. She learned to respect herself too much to stop acting like a beggar.

Her boyfriend went back. He found a woman with self respect.

You must not neglect it. It’s basic: your self respect.

How do you develop and nurture a healthy self respect?

Protect your dignity as a human being.

Spend time each day towards your improvement as a person.

Accomplish a measure of fulfillment every day.

Pursue your goals. 

Use your strengths and past victories today.

Choose to be your self, not an imitation of someone else.

Tap your hidden resources.

Give to others. You’ll feel better when you do.