Understanding What’s Counterproductive Coping

Have you been rejected or deprived?

You need to act productively. 

And one way of doing so is to know first what counterproductive behaviors are. Especially those that you may be vulnerable to.

Here are some of those counterproductive coping behaviors you need to avoid when rejected or deprived:

• emotionally over-attaching to the relationship

• seeking instant intimacy

• over focusing on taking care of others

• settling for shallow connections so that they’ll hurt less if ended 

• adopting a people pleasing behavior 

• saying that you have no more need of other people 

• avoiding situations where you can be criticized or judged 

• holding low standards or expectations 

• refusing to seek help

• minimizing or denying your wants and desires 

• ignoring or abandoning your dreams 

• rejecting others before they reject you 

• hitting the vulnerabilities of the other if she rejects you

• getting jealous and fixated on what other people have 

• getting upset when you are not immediately heard, seen, or understood