We Act Out

“It’s a wonder I didn’t explode,” shared a celebrity in a magazine after losing significant emotional relationships in her life.

She developed severe behavioral problems though. That included a problem with food and nicotine.

I’m reminded of Whitney Houston many years back. A star. Famed and rich. 

Shortly after divorce, she went on a downward spiral. 

Nobody expected it. But reports showed that she eventually committed suicide through a drug overdose. In her bathtub.

How do you defuse a ticking time bomb?

Reality is, the longer the time bomb is ticking, the closer it approaches an explosion.

The longer a person bottles up hurt feelings, the closer she is to some serious consequences.

At times, the consequences can be too hard to understand - senseless massacres, child abuse, family breakups, crimes etc

Success in defusing the ticking time bomb is a delicate process. It needs extra tender loving care.

There are stages involved in expediting the process of moving through grief. 

It depends a lot on one’s willingness to follow through on each stage along the way.