Wisdom During Sessions

Dr. Jeffrey Kottler, a well known psychotherapist and author, speaks of common words of wisdom during sessions.

No matter the presenting problem, issue, or concern, Dr. Kottler notes of the repetition of some themes.

You may find it helpful to your own life or situation to read some of these he cited in his book “On Being A Therapist” :

• If you do not take care of your self, nobody will.

• We will be dead for a very long time.

• Symptoms are useful in getting your attention.

• Symptoms will not go away until they are no longer needed.

• We are all afraid to be alone.

• If you do not expect anything, you will never be disappointed.

• One hundred years from now, nobody will care what you did with your life.

• The material world is seductive.

• Feeling powerless is a state of mind.

• We spend our lives trying to control our hormones.

• No matter what you do or say, half the world will like it and half the world will not.

• You will never have your parents’ approval.

• You have less to lose than you think.

• You will never ever be content for very long.

• It is hard to love without vulnerability.

• Change does not occur without risks.

• We are all afraid of being wrong.

• We do not like the responsibility of being right.

• Everything worth doing is difficult.